All treatments begin with health & skin chat while your feet soak in a customised herbal infusion.

A range of organic, botanical and clean-cosmeceutical products are selected to create the ultimate skin nourishment

specific to your skin.



60 MINS • $200 


Invigorate & revive beautiful skin! 


This invigorating organic facial is designed to revive tired skin while deeply nourishing and assisting the release of tension in the face.

This treatment stimulates fresh oxygenated blood to the skin with the use of heat through steam and massage techniques using hot rocks and crystal therapies. The cooling (frost) element reinvigorates and de-puffs the face assisting the movement of stagnant lymph, by using a infusion of cooling Australian botanicals and skin nourishing potent ingredients. 

The treatment includes a steam cleanse and exfoliation, hot-rock & crystal massage and an infusion of organic botanicals using sonophoresis for maximum absorption.

Suitable for all skins in need for deep nourishment and a lift from within.




60 MINS • $200

As seen in the pages of Vogue!

Experience the famous Sculptural Lifting facial, as loved by the Duchess herself, Meghan Markle.

This treatment will make you feel amazing!

During this one-of-a-kind facial, the facial muscles relax, and muscle tone returns to a rested state.

Facial spasms are released, which in turn restores the natural posture of the face.

The appearance and elasticity of the skin improves via fresh blood circulation, stimulating cellular turnover and collagen regeneration.

You will leave the treatment looking more youthful, refreshed and rejuvenated- all naturally.

All skin types



75 MINS • $180 ADD LED $40


Feed your skin from within!


This Lymphatic Therapy Facial is a tightening treatment mask using potent Australian botanicals.


Designed to work with your circulatory system to assist the removal of waste and toxins via the lymphatic system. This unique treatment will nourish the skin and cells with fresh oxygenated blood, resulting in a fresh healthy glow. 

The treatment includes a steam cleanse and exfoliation, mask. plus arm & foot massage.

Healthy skin needs healthy cells, so feed your skin from within! 



60 MINS • $150

Energetic and botanical bliss! 

A beautiful organic facial and bodywork treatment for soothing and re-balancing the skin. 

 This special treatment includes steam, exfoliation, LED, crystal therapy massage, finished off with a probiotic mask to reset the skin's unique microbiome.


This treatment uses infused Reiki energy, visualisation, crystals and/or breathing techniques to energetically balance and revive. 


Suitable for all skin types, especially those that like a little woo-woo with their glow!



60 MINS • $150

A luxurious facial treatment is designed to your nourish your skin from the inside out.


The signature Nourished Facial incorporates steam, ultrasonic infusion, eastern massage techniques and facial release. 

A customised mask and collagen boosting light treatment will reveal your glow and target any skin concerns.


Suitable for all skin types.



30 MINS • $80

It doesn't have to be complicated!

During this session we will dive into the health of your skin, address concerns and provide a thorough analysis on what you are feeding your skin, inside and out.


You will leave with a clear treatment and product plan on what is right for your skin to achieve your goals. A skin analysis, cleanse and infusion are included in the treatment.


Great for teens and people figuring out their skin's needs.



30-20 MINS • $70 or $40 ADD ON


Glow up and be radiant!

Amplify your glow with Dermalux LED light therapy.

LED Light therapy boosts cellular repair, skin rejuvenation and accelerates healing within the skin. Dermalux is the only LED on the market with the Triwave light option for accelerated healing.


Suitable for all skin types as a stand alone treatment or in combination with facial or peel treatments.

Series of 6 $300




60 MINS • $150

A nutrient boost for your skin! 

An powerful antioxidant facial with a gentle refreshing scrub that invigorates the skin with a gentle lactic acid. Active Blueberry extracts exfoliate the skin to reveal a youthful, smooth glow without visible irritation. Perfect as a beginner chemical peel to reveal gorgeous skin, topped off with a light treatment to boost the health of your skin. 


Suited for all skin types and problematic skins.



45-60 MINS • FROM $250

High performance skin 

An amazing results-driven treatment to prompt a wound healing response from the skin. Tiny micro needles penetrate the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin from within.

The result is a healthier, smooth and more radiant appearance.


This treatment works beautifully not only on fine lines and mature skin concerns but also on scarred and textured skins.  Downtime is minimal for gorgeous firmer skin.

*Option available for neck and decolletage treatments.


A series of treatments is advised for best results.

3 treatments $220 each

3 treatments with LED $250 each



50 MINS • FROM $150

A vitamin A boost for mature skin

Manage the visible signs of ageing with a blend of potent peptide and stem cell technology to reveal younger and smoother looking skin. This peel infuses the skin with retinol for overall skin renewal and balances the moisture level while protecting from future damage.


Suited for those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles.

Add Sculpted mask $30

*Vitamin A preparation is required for this treatment



50 MINS • $180

Sun-damage be gone!

This nourishing and powerful peel delivers the vital ingredients into the skin layers that count and has the calming, benefits of vitamin C. This peel will soften skin, increase cellular turnover and fight free radical damage and pigmentation.


Suited for pigmented, sun damaged and mature skins.

*Vitamin A preparation is advised for this treatment.