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Putting yourself first

What is the best version of you, your skin and your health?

Do you feel full of energy, look radiant and feel in control of your health and wellbeing?

If not, are you ready to take the steps to reclaim your health?

Good health takes effort, it is easy to take your hands off the reins, say 'it's too hard'' or ''I just don't have time''.

But you do...and only you can change your life.

What are you waiting for?

Daily, small efforts, do add up!

Try some of these easy ideas to slip a little wellness into your daily routine MOVE

On waking, stretch out your body, move your neck, arms and circle those hips!

Get your blood flowing, put some music on and get outside for a walk in nature. If you are new to exercise, just start with 10 minutes of gentle movement- wake the body and boost the blood and lymphatic flow.

Invest in some weights or resistance bands.

I find when I am short on time or can't leave the house in the morning, I have a quick 30-minute toning series I follow which is pilates based. There are so many online workout platforms, or just find some free ones on Youtube.

Are you having trouble with high cholesterol, blood pressure or weight gain?

Studies have shown the positive effects that a 10-minute walk can have on our health and balancing blood sugar after meals, so do some laps of the office or walk the block if working from home. NOURISH

Start your day well and rehydrate.

A glass of water with lemon will help to kickstart the digestive cascade, if lemon ain't your thing, you can juice some cucumber, apple, mint and spinach to kickstart your day and bowels! Look at your meals, does you plate include a quality source of protein, complex carbohydrates and fats? Aim for balanced meals and stay away from processed, white and packaged foods where possible.


If you feel yourself with a short fuse and a little snappy, practice some breathwork to calm those adrenals and nervous system.

The 4x7x8 breath is a calming, restorative way to settle down if feeling stressed.

Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 7 and breathe out for 8.

Repeat for as many times as needed. BEAUTY

Is your skin showing signs of aging and not looking as healthy as you would like? People often stay in the same routine they had 20 years ago when it comes to hair, skin and makeup! Even though our bodies and skin have changed (a few times) since then!

If you know it is time for an overhaul or you need a more personal plan for your wellness or beauty routine, get in touch!

Mon x

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