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Natural Anti-Aging Methods

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The clean- beauty movement has been sweeping the globe for a while now and I have clients asking what methods can they use to preserve their youthful skin without resorting to Botox, threads or facial fillers.

I am a firm believer in embracing beauty at every stage and have learnt after suffering a health crisis of my own that health is wealth and healthy looking skin is more beautiful than any alternative that may jeopardise your long-term health.

So what can you do?

What is worth the hype and what is not?

1. Cleaning up your Diet

Boring I know, but hear me out..

That old saying, 'you are what you eat' is quite literally true.

Our cellular health is made up of the nutrients (or lack of) that we ingest and absorb.

If you are drinking a lot of alcohol, eating fried or processed foods

your poor cells will be in a state of inflammation.

Poor dietary choices promote free radical damage which in turn ages us faster and affects our skin quality, amongst other long term health concerns.

Focus on wholefoods, and fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Minimise foods that leave an acidic residue in the body- illness and chronic diseases thrive in an acidic environment. Leave out the fried, or artificial packet foods laden with preservatives or processed and heavy meat products. Make a healthy swap or just go for a fresher option.

*I am not suggesting you have to drink green juice all day but when you do indulge, balance it out with lots of water and fresh foods to give your body a break.

Adding to your water total

When it comes to drinks- black tea and coffee are dehydrating, you need to drink extra water if these are part of your daily routine.

Herbal teas add to your water consumption- hydrating + medicinal!

Some great herbal teas to start with are Chamomile or Peppermint.

If tea just ain't your thing, try a fizzy mineral water or Kombucha at lunch and put down that Diet Coke..

*Try to work towards replacing dehydrating drinks with hydrating ones.

2. Proper skincare and serums with actives

This one is important, I see clients that really notice a huge difference in their skin when they start using the right products, not only for their skin types but age.

The number one proven anti-ageing serum is Vitamin A (Retinoids), backed up with lots of studies to show not only is it great for fine lines and ageing, cellular turnover and has the bonus of being beneficial for acne as well.

More is not always a good thing. So don't go rushing to buy the strongest one available..

Vitamin A can irritate and peel your skin, especially if you are not used to it.

Retinol containing serums need to be increased slowly as they will aggravate your skin and likely cause a 'skin purge'. Trust me, it's not pretty and definitely not what you want!

*I offer a free online service to my clients for guidance on the best products to treat your skin concerns.

3. Massage

Facial massage and manipulation has amazing anti-ageing benefits, think of it like you work your muscles at the gym why not your facial muscles too?

At Nourish Health Clinic, we use the Sculptural Lifting technique which stimulates the outer and intra-oral facial muscles, releasing tension, promoting blood flow and collagen production.

Gua Sha (an ancient Chinese scraping tool) is also one of my favourites for getting fresh blood circulating in the face. Gua Sha or jade rolling is an easy one to incorporate into your routine at home.

*See my video on Instagram / FB stories for guidance on how to use Gua Sha at home.

4. LED light therapy

LED light therapy is a gorgeous relaxing, pain-free treatment that can make a big difference. LED uses different wavelengths of light to promote healing at different levels in the skin and assist in cellular repair.

The LED Red light (633nm) promotes collagen production, targets fine lines and corrects cellular damage, The Blue LED (415nm) is an antibacterial light, healing for acne prone skins and rosacea and can minimise breakouts.

There are other colours available but the studies have proven the most benefits come from the Red and Blue LED lights. DERMALUX is the only LED on the market to offer the option of the Tri-wave lights simultaneously (830nm). The extra wavelength promotes deeper healing within the dermis and is of huge benefit pre and post inflammatory treatments.

We offer the DERMALUX LED treatments at Nourish Health Clinic and our clients love the (literally) glowing results.

5. Skin Needling

I admit it can seem a little scary at first, needles creating hundreds of micro-channels in your skin per second.. but clients quickly realise the short term pain is worth the gain.

Skin needling has quickly become a powerful anti-ageing treatment for those that want their skin to look and perform better.

The pen creates a micro-wound and sends the skin into a state of healing and repair. This treatment boosts collagen production, improves the texture of the skin and creates long term change in the look and feel of the skin. I have seen amazing results with ageing and scarred skin, which is why we also offer skin needling at the clinic.

6. Sunscreen!!!

If you don't want age spots, pigmentation and wrinkly skin before your time, slap on the sunscreen! The number one cause of premature ageing and an easy one to incorporate into a daily routine. I see many clients with sun damage and it is one of the easiest ways to age better by avoiding excessive sun.

Apply sunscreen post serums and moisturisers, it is especially important if you are using Vitamin A products at night, protect your beautiful skin during the day.

7. Sleep

Yep, so important to the way our skin looks! (bags anyone?) Due to the cellular renewal and regeneration that occurs overnight, try to get those 7-8 hours in a night for healthier skin.

Here's to radiant skin!

Mon xx

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