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Motherhood & Health

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

This photo was taken when my firstborn was about 8 months old. I was exhausted, a bit lonely, and looking forward to a daily walk and my much-needed coffee to get me through the morning.

Every nap time, I sat down and worked through hours of paperwork and emails to keep up with the demands of a new business we had just taken on as a family.

I was obsessed with creating the best routine and nourishment for my baby, but in the process, forgot about myself. It took a few years and another child later but my health eventually gave way.

Motherhood isn’t easy, personally it’s the biggest and most rewarding challenge of my life! but now I know I could have looked after myself better during those first few years, and nurtured my body and spirit in its recovery post-birth and beyond.

I could have reached out for help. Said YES! instead of ‘No, I’m fine’.

Let someone take care of me.

Over the past 4 years, I've dived into learning as much as I can about nutrition, wellness, and herbal medicine, taking the time to look after myself so that I could create a blissful personal experience for women to be cared for, educated, and nurtured.

You don’t have to take it all on, leave a little time for yourself and say, ‘Yes! I’d love some help!!’

Book in for a 40-minute mum’s & bubs coaching session, and together we can see where we can make life a little easier and more beautiful for you.

Yours in health,

Mon x

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