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Is Collagen Worth the Hype & Cash?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Collagen is vitally important to the health and bounce of our skin, but often when the hero ingredient of the beauty world having 15 minutes of fame.. hundreds of products spill out into the market.. just like collagen at the moment!.

You can find everything with collagen added, but do we really need to be supplementing with this magical protein, and will it make a difference?

Collagen is very important to our bodies & skin, it is the most abundant protein and makes up about 75% of the weight of your skin and 30% of your total body protein mass! Collagen keeps our skin strong and plump but by our mid 20's our internal collagen production slows and the first signs of aging appear.

By the time we are 80 our collagen supply is 4 times less than what it was at 20. Skin starts to sag and our body, tissues and joints become a little less than youthful.. yep, loss of collagen is to blame.

Never fear! Collagen supplements are here!

There are two types of collagen supplements on the market, one is derived from Marine Collagen -usually from fish scales and the other is Bovine- derived mainly from cows.

In basic terms a collagen supplement is a protein that when ingested, gets broken down into amino acids that your body decides how to use.

The marketing around collagen says that is is essential for maintaining youthful skin, which is true to a point.... but eating or drinking collagen does not always equal more youthful skin.

You may be protein deficient so your body will make the call to use that extra protein ingested for muscle repair and maintenance instead. This is why people DO notice a difference because their bodies did need a boost of protein, and that's what the supplement provided.

So is it worth the hype?

Many do report improvements in hair, skin and nails.

So for the majority of the population that do not have Omega 3 rich diets or even just eat enough of the good stuff, a little collagen supplement will do you more good than anything else.

If your body does not need it, it will just be excreted out.

No harm right?

Here are some collagen supplements that are delicious

*Metagenics Collagen (natural flavour, but tastes like vanilla) (Practitioner only)

*Vida Glow Love the cranberry & lime, but unflavoured is perfect for smoothies etc.

*Krumbled Beauty Bites - The choc-raspberry is a great little afternoon treat and only 2.8g sugar (much better than a chocolate bar with your cuppa tea!)

*The Beauty Chef - Collagen

*Kissed Earth - Brilliance Collagen Powder

Here's to plump beautiful skin!

Mon xx

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