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Image by Rowan Chestnut
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Image by Jared Rice

How do you feel in your skin?

Do you know you are beautiful and deserve to feel that way every day?
Do you love the body you are in and treat it with love and respect?

Health, wellness, and beauty are deeply personal; the way we feel and see ourselves affects our confidence, the way we express ourselves, and how we live our lives. Beauty is more than skin deep and learning to really love yourself can mean relearning to respect and care for the sacred vessel that holds your beautiful spirit. 

Self-love and self-care come in many forms, it is my honour to use my knowledge and acquired tools in nutrition, health and wellness to guide my clients on a journey of self-discovery, health, and beauty. 

If you are interested in working with Monique and ready to embrace a healthier, happier you,
Click the button below to make contact for your first session.


''Monique is a caring and kind person that makes me and my health concerns feel valid and understood. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to better themselves, but need a gentle guide. I am so grateful for having her to help me on my journey to healing, health and self love''  M.B - Client testimonial

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