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Beautiful You

A transformational 6-part series to ignite body confidence, beauty and divine women's wisdom

Image by Drew Graham

Being a woman in this age is a gift. Are you tapping into the true essence of what it means to be a powerful woman and let your light shine?

This course delves into the deep innate wisdom all women carry, and teaches how to bring that beauty into the world with confidence. 

In this 6-part series we explore how to read our bodies, skin and nourish ourselves deeply from the inside out. This is more than just external beauty. 

This course will disrupt embedded views about yourself, release negative beliefs and learn to appreciate your body. Over 6 weeks you will learn to embrace the cycles of life's stages and engage them to your full benefit. 


This course is suited to women of all ages, the benefits and learnings will be able to be carried throughout her lifetime.


The investment in you is  

6 Individual Sessions (60min per session) 

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Monique is the course facilitator and founder of Nourish Health Clinic. She is passionate about helping women at all stages of life, and embracing their beauty and confidence to live the fullest expression of themselves. This course was borne out of a desire to create and aid a community of like-minded women, who want to be confident in their bodies and skin, and embody the fullest expression of being a divine woman in this world. 


Monique is a certified Skin Therapist, Naturopath and Nutritionist with a special interest in women's health. She has worked with the most prestigious beauty brands in the world before jumping into her own business ventures 8 years ago, along with the birth of her first child. She is passionate about learning and integrating these practices in her work to support women in their health and skin journey.  

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