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I’m Monique, lover of everything health, wellness & beauty. I believe we are all capable of feeling amazing and everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

We all want to be healthy and have some sort of balance in our lives.


Sometimes we just need a little help finding our way!


I have always been into beauty and a little obsessed for many years in creating a space for people to feel rejuvenated and learn about their skin. As a child I would watch my Mother struggle with psoriasis and I think my desire to 'heal' her spilled into a calling to help all women experience healthy, glowing skin, from the inside out. 


I started my career in beauty after finishing my master’s degree.


My 20’s were spent working for one of the biggest power-players in prestige beauty.

I worked with amazing make-up, fragrance and skincare brands in sales and education and completed my beauty therapy diploma at night school.

From day one of my training, I just knew I was on the right path.


Then everything changed, and I got really sick...


My body became reactive to a lot of foods and chemicals, I started having anaphylactic episodes. I was terrified my airways were going to close and I had no control over my body.


I went to many doctors, specialists and had so many blood tests… no one could tell me what was going on. It was frustrating, isolating and I felt broken.


Until I went to a Naturopath and started to really trust and tune in to my body and break down exactly what was happening, I started to get answers and began to heal.


I was forced to PRIORITISE my health and put myself and my healing first.

(Funny how life gives us a kick in the butt when we need it!)


Not only was my health crisis a huge wake up to how I live my life, but it inspired me to use the tools to help others also needing support and show them how to live a vibrant, healthy life and heal from the inside out.


I believe in natural medicine and effective clean beauty products and treatments. When we take conscious control of our health, we can make the biggest difference in how we feel and live our lives. Beauty is an inside-out job, our skin is our largest organ and shows us when things are not right internally. 


I am a qualified women's health & skin clinical naturopath, nutritionist & skin therapist.

I love to offer my clients in-depth professional support to facilitate healing, beautiful skin and lifelong wellness.


Yours in vibrant health & skin


Mon x

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